Getting Started

Business Model Assessment

Ideal Client:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs with a business plan, idea or concept
  • Start-ups in the first three years of operation
  • Established businesses considering a significant change or transition.

Description: I’ll work with you one-on-one to take stock of a business concept, plan, or existing business and identify priorities and next steps. Together, we’ll use the Business Model Canvas to map out the major moving pieces of your business and understand how they interact.  Clients complete a worksheet in preparation. Next we’ll schedule a meeting (about 3 hours) to complete the assessment. I’ll follow up with a summary of your business model and any next steps that we’ve identified.


Small Business Financial Modeling

Ideal Client:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs with a business idea, concept, or plan
  • Start-ups in the first 3 years of operation
  • Any entrepreneur with math anxiety or who is intimidated by spreadsheets.

Description: After working with you to gather key information about your business, I’ll build a “pro forma,” or future looking financial statement in Excel that allows you to test out different scenarios for your business. You’ll be able to see how changes to variables such as price point, the cost on inputs, and sales volume impact your bottom line. The pro forma is designed to be updated as you test out your assumptions and gather more information, making it a learning tool rather than a static projection.

Ongoing Support

Goal Setting

Ideal Client:

  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea, concept or plan
  • Start-ups in the first three years of operation

Description: For entrepreneurs who are seeking ongoing, personalized support with task management and staying focused, I will meet with you regularly to help identify priorities and provide accountability for following through on next steps.


Business Strategy Checkups 

Ideal Client:

  • Start-ups (1-3 years in operation)
  • Established businesses
  • Have completed a Business Model Assessment

Description: I meet with clients on a regular basis (for example quarterly) to take stock of your progress towards your goals, identify next steps, and if needed, course corrections. Business Strategy Checkups are an opportunity to step back from the daily whirlwind of running your business, with the benefit of the added accountability, insight, and support I can provide by working with you over time.


Small Business Financial Management

Ideal client:

  • Established businesses with bookkeeping system in place

Description: I will meet with you regularly to review your business’s financial performance, and look for clues in the numbers to help you run your business better according to your values. We’ll work together to identify key performance indicators and track them over time, as well as improving budgeting to manage cash flow, and learning to use the financial data from your bookkeeper or bookkeeping software to inform decision making.


Facilitation & Training

I offer facilitation services for variety of types of meetings, including:

  • Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Board or staff retreats
  • Focus groups

I also offer workshops and training on topics including:

  • Systems Mapping
  • Business Strategy
  • Understanding Financial Statements